Years 9 to 11

At COTE College, personalised learning begins from Year 9 where students are given ownership over their tailored study programme. We believe that the diverse range of subjects offered and the flexibility of options are more likely to lead to greater engagement and more fulfilling years of study.

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is the international qualification recognised by leading universities and employers worldwide. Dedication and strong performance in the final IGCSE examinations will provide students with an excellent platform for their A-Levels. 

The majority of pupils complete a minimum of five IGCSE subjects graded 9-1. For students who plan to progress onto science, engineering and medicine related pathways, it is compulsory to study English Language, Mathematics and three science subjects (Biology, Chemistry and Physics). For students who wish to study Economics or Human Sciences related courses in the future, they must sit English Language, Mathematics, Double Science and Economics. Pupils will then commonly select their ‘options’ from a range of humanities, languages and art subjects. 


Compulsory Subjects


•English Language

•Triple science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) or  

•Double science and Economics

Optional subjects

•Further Mathematics

•English literature

•Human Biology

•Computer Science


•Business Studies





Who should study IGCSEs at COTE College?

Students who wish to take  IGCSEs in Seoul to  progress to leading universities worldwide

Students who wish to build a solid foundation to achieve excellent grades in A-Levels


Students who wish to study IGCSEs with English Language Support

Reasons to choose COTE College

IGCSE grades are becoming increasingly important
as the determinant of academic success in A-Levels 
and university admissions.

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